The 2019-2020 Campaign

The overwhelming proportion of United Way dollars comes from the residential community. Without the generous contributions of the people of our community, the United Way would not be able to provide the level of support that is currently possible. As our campaign goal increases each year, so will the level of service we are able to provide!

The United Way of Chatham County 2019 Campaign Leadership

1st Row: Shawn McClarnon, United Way Board Chair; Alina Cochran, Governors Village Campaign Co-Chair, Ellen Shanahan, Fearrington Village Campaign Co-Chair; Jan Rickard, Chapel Ridge Campaign Co-Chair; Betty Wilson, Pittsboro Campaign; Portia McClarnon, Big Woods Campaign
2nd Row: George Evans, Carolina Meadows Campaign Chair; Jerry Wehmueller, Governors Club Campaign; Lee Strange, Briar Chapel Campaign Co-Chair; Stan Campbell, Governors Club Campaign; Bob Marshall, Galloway Ridge Campaign Co-Chair; Cindy Davis, Big Woods Campaign
Not Pictured:  Dennis and Nancy Horstman, Briar Chapel Campaign Co-Chairs; Gail King, Governors Village Co-Chair; Adele McLean, Governors Village Co-Chair; Chuck Rickard, Chapel Ridge Campaign Co-Chair; Jan Sherwin, Big Woods Campaign Chair; Jim Sink, Governors Club Campaign; Kathy Singer, Governors Club Campaign; Octavius Smiley-Humphries, Briar Chapel Campaign Co-Chair; Gretchen Speedy, Fearrington Village Campaign Co-Chair; Andrew Taylor-Troutman, Briar Chapel Campaign Co-Chair; Tina Vrabel, Big Woods Campaign; Chris Walker, Chatham Forest Campaign Chair; Betty Wilson, Pittsboro Campaign; Jack Zollinger, Galloway Ridge Campaign Co-Chair


Who Gives?

Our 2019-2020 goal is $611,530 and each community investment brings us closer to reaching that goal. Every gift, regardless of size, helps someone.

The United Way idea of community-based fundraising has mobilized people to fight hunger, disease and poverty for over 100 years. Here in Chatham County, our United Way history has its roots in 1985 when a group of concerned citizens organized to better meet the needs of our community.

Together, we can make a difference… the united way!

The mission of the United Way of Chatham County is to increase the financial and human resources available for providing human care services to county residents.