Funded Programs

2023/2024 Funded Programs


30 teachers will participate in professional development to improve early childhood education experiences for 200 children; 30 caregivers will be given tools to better prepare children for kindergarten; and books will be provided to 260 at risk preschool children in order to improve their reading skills and prepare them for school.

10 youth will have access to early childhood programs to help them prepare for school and improve performance.

140 Children will receive after-school services that promote and enhance child development, academic performance and responsible behavior.

65 youth will be provided with individualized, case-managed, integrated student supports, to address developmental, physical and mental health issues.

2,690 children will strengthen the social and basic life skills needed for success

Financial Stability

35 developmentally disabled Chatham County residents will have access to organized developmental activities through the Chatham Trades ADVP program, as well as support services to their families.

140 adults will taking Adult Learning courses and 56 adults will be taking English-Language Proficiency and Conversation Skills courses to obtain employment.

Weekly food rations will be provided to 11,000 residents in need. In addition, 1,400 at-risk children will be provided daily meals during the summer.

4,000 individuals will be provided emergency housing assistance, provided food from the food pantry or clothing. Between 6-8 individuals will also be served through transitional housing. 

88 Chatham County residents will improve their quality of life and be able to stay in their homes due to needed maintenance, repairs and modifications to their homes.

145 people in crisis will be offered individualized supportive services to break the cycle of poverty that repeats generation after generation. 

1,333 Chatham County residents will receive food food from the West Chatham Food Pantry over the next year. Food will be distributed to qualified community members every two weeks.


255 Latino children and adults will receive culturally appropriate mental health counseling.

275 Chatham County residents will have all prescription costs covered.

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