Funded Programs

2020/2021 Funded Programs


Books will be provided to 385 at risk preschool children in order to improve their reading skills and prepare them for school, and 250 children will be enrolled in high-quality preschool education programs. In addition, 30 families/caregivers will be provided with free weekly educational play and learns to improve engagement with their child’s education through targeted activities.

10 youth will have access to early childhood programs to help them prepare for school and improve performance.

100 Children will receive after-school services that promote and enhance child development, academic performance and responsible behavior.

65 youth will be provided with individualized, case-managed, integrated student supports, to address developmental, physical and mental health issues.

400 Children will attend camp, 30 youth will learn about healthy lifestyles, 240 children will improve their leadership skills and 1,000 students will receive tools to help them succeed in school.

Financial Stability

42 developmentally disabled Chatham County residents will be provided with transportation to work at Chatham Trades, career fairs, community service events, community events and enrichment programs.

38 adults will receive tutoring to build basic education skills and obtain a GED.

Weekly food rations will be provided to 23,000 residents in need. In addition, 1,580 at-risk children will be provided daily meals during the summer.

10,000 Chatham County residents will receive emergency food every week and 250 school children will receive weekend food supplies.

Funding will provide repairs to address safety issues for 70 low-income homeowners in Chatham County.

900 Chatham residents in crisis will receive food, clothing, shelter, rent and utility payments. In addition, 13 families will be offered individualized supportive services to break the cycle of poverty that repeats generation after generation. 


4,150 Chatham County residents will receive comprehensive, culturally-competent health care and services regardless of their ability to pay.

200 Latino children and adults will receive culturally appropriate mental health counseling.

Funded programs will ensure that more than 200 Chatham County seniors maintain their independence by receiving in-home personal care and transportation to senior centers, grocery stores, pharmacies and banks.

150 Chatham County residents will have all prescription costs covered.

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