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Thank you for helping United Way of Chatham County widen its digital reach during the 2021/2022 campaign as a Campaign Ambassador. We’ve created a social media toolkit and post calendar, with attachment links that allow you to click and download the graphics to attach to your posts. 

Social media is not limited to Facebook – we encourage you to post to NextDoor, and send emails to friends, family and colleagues, as well. With this United Way Campaign Toolkit at your fingertips, it shouldn’t take longer than 5-10 minutes for each post or email. 

We’ve also included a two-page Talking Points document where you can find concise and comprehensive information on United Way of Chatham County. This is a great guide for you as you talk to friends and neighbors about United Way. 

If anyone you know is interested in helping promote United Way’s campaign, please let us know and we will direct them to this website. Please keep track of the time you spend on each post so we can record your volunteer hours – it may help us with grants in the future. 

Reach out to Shelley Smith – shelley@unitedwayofchathamcounty.org – if you run into any trouble or have questions. Thank you so much for your dedication to United Way and believing in our mission! 


United Way Talking Points

CLICK HERE to download our two-page Talking Points document. 

Post Calendar

Monday, September 27

  • Coming to a mailbox near you — United Way of Chatham County’s annual campaign mailing. This year United Way has switched it up and is sending out a beautiful card rather than a bulky mailing, so be on the lookout for a bright blue envelope from United Way. (line break – hit return) United Way of Chatham County serves one in three Chatham residents. Please give where you live and help United Way improve the lives of our neighbors in need. Thank you for your support! #liveunitedchathamcounty
  • CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Campaign Mailing Image – September 27 Post

Tuesday, October 5

  • United Way of Chatham County is doing more than they’ve ever done before. Please consider subscribing to their monthly newsletter to keep up with all that’s going on – www.UnitedWayOfChathamCounty.org/newsletter. I enjoy  – EXAMPLE – reading the stories and seeing photos from events. –  This month’s newsletter features photos from the Day of Service, a story by the Chatham News + Record on United Way Executive Director Katie Childs, highlights from the Chatham Hospital employee campaign kickoff event, and more. And if don’t already, please follow United Way on Facebook – www.facebook.com/UnitedWayofChatham  #liveunitedchathamcounty
  • If posting on Facebook, please tag us — @United Way of Chatham County – our Facebook page should populate for you automatically. 
  • DOWNLOAD Newsletter Image – October 5 Post

Wednesday, October 13

  • United Way Overview – the attachment includes United Way FAQs. Please post the attachment and include the following in your post:
    • What makes United Way funding unique? This question and others come up frequently, and United Way has put together a comprehensive FAQ list. 
  • DOWNLOAD FAQs – October 13 Post

Monday, October 18

  • United Way Impact Story
  • Please copy and paste the following story:
    • In the late fall of 2020 United Way of Chatham County began receiving calls from Kim, who was desperate to find housing. Kim had recently lost her home and was sleeping in her car with her children in a park in Siler City. Temperatures overnight were below freezing. She called United Way every day, and each day we reached out to community agencies to see if they could help.

      Resources in the community were exhausted due to the high COVID demand, so United Way granted emergency funding to house Kim and other families in need over the Thanksgiving Holiday. This gave Kim a few days to assess her situation and find long-term housing. And it gave her a safe, warm place to spend Thanksgiving with her children.

      United Way receives calls from people like Kim every week, and we make sure all agencies and organizations in the county work together to find solutions for those in need.

  • DOWNLOAD Image – October 18 Post

Thursday, October 21

  • Prompt: Why I Choose to Give Where I Live
  • When Karen Meredith sent an email to her friends and family to promote the art auction, she came up with an incredibly informative and comprehensive list of reasons why she chose United Way to be the recipient of her art for fundraising purposes. Please read her list of reasons and use it to create your own message of why you give to United Way of Chatham County. We also encourage you to upload a photo of yourself or your family to add to this post. 
  • From Karen Meredith:
    • I have decided to put these works up for sale with ALL proceeds going to United Way of Chatham County. My reason for selecting this agency is fivefold:
      1. I had the honor of serving on a grant review panel this spring and was extremely impressed with the professionalism of their process. I told them that it was as organized as any experience I had working for various Federal agencies.
      2. United Way of Chatham County funding serves one in three Chatham residents. The need is deep in our community, which may come as a surprise to many. With pockets of affluence in this county, it is easy to forget that there are also pockets of great poverty. In some western corners of Chatham County, the nearly 40% of families live below the federal poverty level. This means, 40% of four-person families right here in some portions of Chatham County earn less than $27,000 annually.
      3. I feel that their limited funds were being directed to the most important projects and capable programs. By using United Way as an oversight organization, they are acutely aware of the needs of County. They can ensure that there is limited overlap of efforts and maximum collaboration with other agencies in the area. They are able to “vet” these agencies before giving them money. They also expect measurable outcomes from grantees.
      4. United Way of Chatham County has a very capable but extremely small staff with minimum overhead costs. Its board has strong leadership with wide expertise.
      5. It has a track record of serving the neediest in that community. For 31 years the United Way in Chatham County has supported many local nonprofits delivering service to meet the most critical needs. This year their support of 22 programs will provide the following to our community: food, housing assistance, job and workplace skills training, support for sexual assault and domestic violence victims, increased access to health care resources, early childhood care and education opportunities. In total, United Way funded programs will impact 37,813 lives in the next twelve months.

Wednesday, October 27

  • United Way of Chatham County’s operating percentage is the lowest in its 31-year history, at only 8 percent – which means its giving as much funding as it can to human services programs in Chatham County that have proven their programs are making lasting changes in the health, education and financial stability of Chatham’s residents. The linked graphics will help you understand and feel confident that your donation is fueling change in our community.  (Please attach/post both images.) 
  • DOWNLOAD Image – Why Donate to United Way – October 27 Post
  • DOWNLOAD Image – Where the Money Goes – October 27 Post

Thursday, November 4

  • In the Spring of 2021 United Way of Chatham County (UWCC) announced the first-ever Issue Based Grant – a total of $87,500 – with a focus on addressing homelessness and homelessness prevention, as well as K-12 learning loss that was experienced due to remote learning challenges during the pandemic. UWCC received phone calls from residents in need of a place to sleep, or assistance with utility bills or rent, almost weekly throughout 2020. The grades of Chatham County children were also suffering, with a huge drop in grade point averages reported at the end of 2020.

    In total, three agencies were awarded the special funding: Communities In Schools, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central NC – Siler City and Pittsboro clubs, and Love Chatham – Chatham County NC Homeless Shelters.

    Click this link to learn how United Way’s funding will help programs in each of these agencies: https://unitedwayofchathamcounty.org/issue-based-grant-information/

  • DOWNLOAD Image – Issue-Based Grant – November 4 Post

Tuesday, November 9

  • The United Way of Chatham County means a lot to me, but means so much more to our Chatham community. Some agencies and programs could simply not exist without financial support from United Way. Chatham County is changing, the needs of our community are growing, and United Way needs your support more than ever.  

    As the United Way campaign comes to a close, there’s still time to make a difference in our community – make a donation today and ensure our neighbors have access to agency programs that will improve their lives.

  • DOWNLOAD Image – Make a Difference
  • Thermometer link – ? 
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