Cards of Appreciation – Health Care

Cards of Appreciation

Healthcare workers are not immune to COVID-19, yet they go to work every day to ensure the health and well-being of countless strangers. We will get through this pandemic, and the bravery and commitment of our front-line workers will be a huge reason why. 

United Way of Chatham County invites you to show Healthcare workers in Chatham County how valued they are by sending a Card of Appreciation. United Way will be delivering Thank You cards electronically to staff at Chatham Hospital throughout the month of September in appreciation of all they do to improve the health of Chatham County residents.

———— Bokeh————

———— Floral ————

———— Superhero ————

———— Watercolor ————

You can submit your card electronically by September 3rd! Please fill out your contact information below, select a design, write a short note, and your card will be delivered in our mailbag.

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