Carolina Meadows Residential Campaign Wins State-Wide United Way Award

If you live or work at Carolina Meadows, you probably know George Evans – he may have even given you your first tour of the campus. George is also the Treasurer for United Way of Chatham County, and runs the United Way residential campaign at Carolina Meadows. And the 2021 Carolina Meadows campaign was record-breaking. Carolina Meadows raised the most in its 20-year history with United Way of Chatham County – $103,821 – exceeding its goal by 20%, and raising $17,000 more in 2021 over 2020.

Due to COVID-19, Carolina Meadows imposed visitor restrictions to ensure the safety of its residents. Evans saw this as an opportunity to remind residents of the importance of the United Way mission and organized a volunteer opportunity for the 2021 Day of Service that could be completed without residents even leaving the premises.

The campaign achievement and community engagement were recognized by the United Way of North Carolina, and Carolina Meadows received the Spirit of North Carolina Award for its exceptional campaign and commitment to United Way of Chatham County.

The Carolina Meadows community continues to support the mission and understand the impact their donations are making in the Chatham community. Thank you, George, and thank you to everyone at Carolina Meadows!



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