Housing and Homelessness Crisis in Chatham County, NC

What is the Chatham Housing Collective?

In 2022 United Way began the Chatham Housing Collective (CHC), formerly the Homelessness and Housing Instability Working Group, in partnership with Chatham County Government. In the last year the CHC has transformed to a United Way Program that represents a new way of collaborating to better serve residents in need of housing support.

The work is achieved under the guiding values of inclusion, respect, accountability, and collaboration. Under United Way’s leadership, Chatham County will be able to define impact based on client-centered, community level outcomes.

What is the Impact of the CHC?

The CHC measures impact not in terms of agency level outputs, but instead in terms of community-level outcomes that focus on a specific change for a targeted group of people. The CHC has defined Chatham’s community-level outcomes as follows:

  • Households experiencing homelessness increase their access to case management services.
  • Households who are unsheltered find safe, temporary shelter.
  • Homeless service providers coordinate services and housing for households in need.
  • The number of available units for those experiencing a housing crisis increases.
  • The Chatham County Housing Collective has the diverse resources needed to accomplish community improvements in housing/homeless services.

The following video highlights the housing and homelessness crisis, and you will hear from each housing and emergency service provider in Chatham. 

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