Our Allocation Process

Boys & Girls Club 13The United Way of Chatham County is committed to supporting a wide range of community service organizations that provide a variety of services to individuals, families, and groups who need help.

To fulfill its mission, the United Way recognizes that one consolidated fund raising campaign is the most efficient way to raise money for its participating agencies.

The United Way of Chatham County also recognizes its responsibility to allocate funds to its participating agencies to meet the community needs of the county in a cost effective manner.

What Membership Means

The United Way of Chatham County assures its donors and volunteers that each of its participating agencies meets a standard of quality and community service. To ensure this standard, the United Way Board of Directors has approved the following requirements, which must be met for an agency to receive United Way funding.

  • Be legally incorporated as, or otherwise designated, as a non-profit charitable community service organization providing direct services within Chatham County.
  • Be governed by a volunteer board with appropriate and sufficient officers to carry out its charter.
  • Be a tax-exempt organization as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Be audited or reviewed by independent certified public accounts and make its financial statements available to the United Way for review whenever requested.
  • Submit to United Way periodic financial reports and statements of revenues and expenditures as part of its operating budget.
  • Have adopted a policy of nondiscrimination toward volunteers, staff and clients.
  • Identify itself as a United Way funded agency in all of its dealings with the public.

In addition, agencies seeking funding must submit applications on an annual basis. The application and subsequent allocation process are a thorough review of the agency’s programs and operations. The United Way requires agencies to identify measurable goals for their programs so the public can be assured that member agencies are producing quality services and always striving for improvement and enhancement.

Allocations Process

Each year after our campaign, panels of volunteer citizens examine each agency’s request for funds. These volunteers scrutinize budgets, talk to agency staff, and then recommend which agencies should be funded and how much support they should receive. This citizen review process ensures good stewardship and accountability. Please consider volunteering to help with this process.

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