2023/2024 Spirit of North Carolina Awards

Four Chatham Organizations Awarded State-Wide United Way Award

On Tuesday, April 23, community champions across the central NC region gathered at the Chatham County Agriculture & Conference Center for the United Way of North Carolina Spirit of North Carolina Awards. This annual awards ceremony celebrates individuals and organizations for their exemplary partnership demonstrated through fundraising and volunteer efforts, outstanding leadership, and creative team building.

United Way of North Carolina recognized 24 winners representing 6 local United Ways at the Central Regional event in Chatham. Four of those winners are from Chatham County.

The winners for Chatham are: Carolina Meadows, Investment in Long-Term Sustainable Impact; Chatham County, North Carolina Government, Investment in Long-Term Sustainable Impact; Governors Club, United Way Community Ambassador; and The Preserve at Jordan Lake Community, United Way Community Ambassador.

Spirit of North Carolina Award recipients meet specific standards of achievement and are selected by a team of United Way leaders from across the state. United Way of North Carolina leads the award nomination and judging process and presents the awards annually.
Many thanks to Pittsboro, NC Mayor Kyle Shipp for emceeing the event, and welcoming the winners and attendees to Chatham County and Pittsboro.

Chatham County Government – Investment in Long-Term Sustainable Impact

In the fall of 2023, Chatham County Government made a visionary investment in impact through the United Way of Chatham County when they awarded more than $357,000 to the Chatham Housing Collective, a program of United Way of Chatham County. Through this investment, Chatham County Commissioners and Staff leadership showed their commitment to collaboration as THE way to improve the lives of those experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity in Chatham County.

As the initial grantor of the Chatham Housing Collective they stand as beacon supporters of innovation and collaboration. By prioritizing funding for long-term solutions over short-term band-aids, the county has exemplified leadership in fostering sustainable change.

The grant funding supports increased access to case management services, programs to increase the availability of rental housing stock and efforts to enhance collaboration among Chatham’s housing providers – all with a focus of improving the client experience.  

This award celebrates Chatham County Government’s remarkable investment in the well-being of its community and acknowledges its pivotal role in driving positive transformation in the realm of housing and homelessness. With this recognition, we honor the county’s dedication, vision, and tireless efforts towards creating a more equitable and inclusive society for all its residents.

Carolina Meadows – Investment in Long-Term Sustainable Impact

Carolina Meadows stands as a shining example of philanthropy, demonstrating unwavering dedication to enhancing the quality of life for all Chatham County residents over the past 25 years and more. Their steadfast support of the United Way of Chatham County (UWCC) extends far beyond financial contributions, encompassing active involvement in volunteerism, events, and community outreach. This genuine commitment reflects a sincere desire to foster positive change throughout Chatham County.

As the first corporate investor in the United Way of Chatham County’s bold goal – ending and preventing poverty for 2,000 people in 2,000 days – they reinforced their support of UWCC and the belief that a bold goal is attainable when partners work together. Their investment inspired other businesses to follow suit with support.  

The collaborative approach of Carolina Meadows and proactive stance in addressing community needs have left an indelible mark on both the United Way of Chatham County and the Chatham community at large.

Governors Club – United Way Community Ambassador

The Governors Club community holds the record for raising the most money of any residential community across the state. In 2023, their exceptional campaign performance continued, thanks to the extreme support provided by more than 20 residents of the community leading the charge. The Governors Club POA also supported United Way via digital communications to residents, as well as supporting the United Way’s $100 by 100 business campaign. The Governors Club also hosted and donated ballroom space for the 2023 campaign kickoff celebration announcing the United Way of Chatham County’s new bold goal.

Governors Club utilizes a network of area captains to champion the United Way fundraising effort within their own streets/areas. Twenty-seven Governors Club area captains led the fall campaign, updating campaign fundraising signs around the neighborhood, writing personalized messages to neighbors in each area, making telephone calls to their neighbors and ensuring United Way received publicity in the neighborhood digital and print newsletters and magazines. Over 900 homes make up the Governors Club neighborhood, and the United Way campaign would be impossible without the extraordinary leadership provided by Governors Club’s area captains, and the annual support from the homeowner’s association. Through their generosity, compassion, and unwavering dedication, the residents of Governors Club have proven that by working together, we can truly change the lives of our Chatham neighbors.

Big Woods- Preserve – United Way Community Ambassador

The Big Woods- Preserve Campaign in Chatham County surpassed all expectations for its 2023 campaign, increasing by 432% over the previous year. This achievement is the direct result of neighborhood campaign leadership, increasing community engagement and the fostering of meaningful connections with neighbors.

This remarkable feat underscores the transformative power of community engagement and the ripple effects of meaningful connections forged between neighbors. Beyond the monetary value of their contributions, the residents of The Preserve have demonstrated the immense potential embedded within communities when individuals unite behind a common purpose. Their enhanced giving not only enriches the lives of those directly supported by the United Way’s initiatives but also serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for communities far and wide, demonstrating that when people come together, there is no limit to what can be achieved in the service of others.

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